Thursday, August 16, 2012

Diet – there’s no ing

A big part of my life that I know I need to work on is my diet.  It’s not that bad, but it’s not great.  For some reason after my last pregnancy 3 years ago I have had a hard time loosing weight.  The year before I got pregnant I lost 40 lbs.  Stress, counting calories and running, got me there.  I assumed I could count calories again, exercise and I would see the pounds fall off.  Well, that was far from what happened.  No matter what I tried, that scale wasn’t budging.  I had ZERO willpower.  The fatigue from fibromyalgia caused this cycle of wanting to change, but not having the energy to really do anything about it.  A couple of months ago I knew I needed a big transformation.  Not just a diet, not just counting calories, but I was being called to really change my eating habits.  No more processed foods, no more sugar, lots more vegetables.  Eating natural, organic, whole, clean foods is where I know I need to be.  So how do I get there?

I started by cutting out sugar.  I noticed after a few weeks my energy increased, and my pain was reduced.  But it was hard.  I failed time after time.  I would stop for a while, and then have a treat.  And well, if I had a treat, might as well forget about not eating sugar the rest of the day, or week.  The cycle would continue.

Same with counting calories.  I used an app, so it was super convenient.  I made sure to enter everything, every day.  Being so strict and seeing no results on the scale would send me out for a double cheeseburger and fries (and might as well add a sweet tea to that.)  At least it’s not soda right?  That’s the ONLY thing I’ve been able to successfully give up.

What did I do next?  Well, I asked for help.  From everyone.  A friend was on her own weight loss journey, so we teamed up and started meeting together to set goals and encourage each other.  I was in an online group for weight loss.  Another friend started up a Bible study group going through the book Made to Crave and I was in!  (look for a book review coming soon!)  I scoured web sites for different “healthy lifestyle” plans, and diets for people with fibro.  Paleo, the Anti-inflammatory diet, Food’s for Fibromylagia.  It was all quite overwhelming.  Then this week, I met with another friend who has successfully changed her family’s diet to RAW, vegan, gluten free.  Out of that meeting came peace.  She was a REAL person living with a healthy diet, depending on the Lord.  She showed me that it can be done, and it IS worth it!  Our health is worth changing for.

Check out my Good Eats board on Pinterest for the great ideas people have given me and more!

So here is my plan.  I’m going to do a 10 day cleanse starting tomorrow, Friday, August 17th.  Get my body to re-boot.  Get rid of all the toxins I’m storing, and after that, nothing but food that is good for me.  Made to Crave gave me so many tools to get through a change like this, I highly recommend not only reading the book, but finding others and going through the study with the videos.  Very inspirational.  There is even a devotional for daily encouragement.

The cleanse I’ll be following is Perfect Cleanse from Garden of Life.  I also got the book PerfectWeight America which includes all the instructions.  I’ll be posting how each day is going for the 10 days, so I invite you to come along on this adventure with me!

I’m not going to recommend a specific diet to follow.  I do encourage you do your own research and talk with your Dr. about diet and what is best for you.  Even though it seems overwhelming, I know it’s what is best for me, and you too!

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