Monday, July 23, 2012

Priorities - Where Does Fibromyalgia Fit?

It sure takes a lot of time and effort to revamp your life.  Lots of reading, studying, testing and practicing.  I feel sometimes like this is a new job.  I guess it is.  I have spent hours and hours reading, and talking with others who are living with fibromyalgia, trying to find what God leads me to put into practice in my own life as steps towards healing.  This can quickly take over your whole life,  putting God and family responsibilities on the back-burner!  I KNOW that is not what God wants for me, so where does getting healthy fit into my priorities?
Here is an illustration that shows the Circles of Priority for a Christian Adult according to
Bearing Fruit in God's Family by NavPress:

After talking about this with my husband we came up with the idea that for me, fibro should fall between “Work” (I should point out that "Work" does not necessarily mean a paying job) and “Other."  We’ll call it “Self/Health,” not “selfishness,”  but “Self/Health.”  This is the place to work on getting healthy.  My list for “Self/Health” would include; 

-reading/research on my illness
-healthy eating
-exercise (which for me includes lots of prayer time & scripture meditation)
-Dr. appointments
-resting (which could lead back to God)
-blogging (which could also be helping others)

Maybe you would add massage, chiropractor or acupuncture.  Whatever you do that surrounds your illness and healing.  All of these are important and have a place on our priority list.   Here is my new visual which you can grab, print & customize with your own priorities:


Certainly there are times in people’s lives where health needs to be moved up on the list.  If you are hospitalized, or going through something like Cancer, your priorities may look different for a season.  When your illness has you so down (physically or emotionally) that you can no longer do the things on your priority list, that is a problem that needs to be addressed.  You should seek help to get things under control.

As I spoke about in a previous post, Job - Help for the Hurting, God allows things to happen in our lives for the purpose of bringing us closer to Him.  Don’t let anything get in the way of that relationship!

My point is this.  Let’s not let fibromyalgia (or whatever illness you have) take over our lives to the point where we are ineffective Christians.

Let’s put it in its place.


  1. I love this, Rebekah!

    You are so right in your assessment. Especially if you aren't working, your job is now to go to "work" becoming as healthy as possible.

    As a Health Coach specializing in helping women with fibromyalgia, this is exactly what I teach my clients.

    As soon as you get your diagnosis, your job is to get healthy. It's not to sit back and say, "Oh well, I guess this is how my life will be from now on." It's to work at getting better! Definitely not at all costs - there is a time and place for everything. But if you don't take care of yourself, you can't help anyone else or live the life Abba wants for you.

    I love the graphic you have above. I've never seen the scriptures laid over the priorities list like that. Very cool!

  2. Thank you Rebekah Bell for bringing this to my attention. It is so very true. I know I fail at this but I am going to study some of those verses. Thank you. Harriet Lenderts

    1. Harriet, I think we all fall short of this "ideal" so don't let it bring you down! Be encouraged that we have something to strive for :) Let me know if I can help in any way :)

  3. Just found Your Blog. Where have you been all these long painful years. Lol :-) I have been reading through all Your blogs and thank you for Your words. Gives me hope and a new energy to get myself better. Between you and The fibromyalgia facebook site, I have found ways t get healthier. Wish my dr. would have been this informed MONTHS ago. Would have made a huge difference. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Aww Kel, thank you so much! Glad to "meet" you! Happy to hear you are inspired to get healthy!