Monday, October 1, 2012

Elliptical machines - helpful after all

“Exercise is a healthy and beneficial treatment for treating fibromyalgia. Using an elliptical machine for exercise helps improve muscle tone, increase blood flow to muscles and decreases pain.”
 An elliptical machine simulates running, gets your heart rate up, but eliminates the pounding pavement making it a low impact exercise.  I must admit I haven’t really liked the elliptical much.  We got one a few years ago for our little home gym and I would use it occasionally.  I much prefer running outside.  I found I got bored quickly inside and didn’t get as much of a workout.  For me, there is just NOTHING like running.  However, lately I have come to enjoy it more and see the practicality of it, both for convenience and my health.  I’ve not been very good about getting out to run the past couple of weeks.  I wanted to keep up with exercise though so if I missed a run, I would hop on the elliptical for 20 minutes.  It keeps me moving, keeps my endurance up, and doesn't cause any joint damage! While it may not be my favorite thing to do, it is a great tool to have to help me stay active.  So if weather is a problem, or kid’s schedules, I can still get a workout in.

If you don’t have one at home, think about getting one!  The prices range from under $100 to thousands of dollars depending on durability, features, and brand.  We picked ours up at Walmart for under $400.  It’s a Gold’s Gym elliptical.  Nice because it has a training program built in, cup holder & fan!

This is the newer version of what I have: 

You can often find them used in your area as well.

Here is a review of the best ellipticals for 2012 in different price ranges:  bestellipticalmachines 
Here is a good article about starting an exercise routine with fibro from Arthritis Today:  fibromyalgia-exercise

If you have a gym membership, Hop on the elliptical next time you are there and see how you like it!


  1. I agree with the eliptical exercise! I have found that other than walking and occasional pilates, it is the best low impact exercise and gives you more bang for your buck in calorie burning than walking... We have one at home as well and I have struggled with staying consistent. When I told feel well, I stop and then it's just a vicious cycle to get back on. If I could just stay consistent, even through the flare ups, I'd have less of them and they'd be less intense. I am starting to realize how important movement is for Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and any kind of inflammatory disorder... So, thanks Rebekah! I'm hopping on my eliptical NOW!!

  2. That was supposed to say "don't feel well", not "told feel well".. Also, I wanted to add that I've had Fibro for over 8 years and Rebekah, your blog has helped me so much b/c I really didn't invest in the time to proactively manage this disorder. I just took each problem as it hit me.. Thanks to your blog, I'm starting to be proactive about preventing the next flare up and trying to living as healthy as I can!

    1. aww, I'm so glad that reading this has inspired you :) that is the very reason I felt called to do this :) hugs!!!

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  4. Hi, I don’t have any knee problems but the muscles around my knees are very weak. My doctor has said I shouldn’t walk as a form of exercise so I don’t put pressure on my knees but I do need to strengthen all my leg muscles. He says I can cycle or swim. Is the elliptical machine a good option? Thanks

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