Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayer - Heal Me!

Since I got back from my vacation, I have felt so great.  I have continued to use energy management to keep from getting too fatigued, made sure I got enough sleep, exercised, kept my diet fairly good (although I have treated myself some).  I haven’t even had much to blog about!  I was wondering if I had been healed.   This weekend however was more difficult.  I have had more pain and that has reminded me that fibromyalgia is still with me.  I saw my Dr. on Friday and now I am filled with questions about how to treat my symptoms.  I don’t want to just manage my symptoms, I desperately want to be healed.  I know that my body can’t heal unless my symptoms are managed though.  It feels like there is a mountain in front of me.  Praise God that mountains can be moved!

In a previous post I wrote about how I began my journey to healing.  First Steps to Healing!  Since then God has lead me to do things to get my body healthy, inside and out, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Diet is a big one, and I’ve been focusing on that a lot lately.  Also the study of His Word, where answers are found, and where we get to know who God is.  It is how our minds become like His.  I know that there are more areas of my life that He wants me to work on, so my prayer today is for him to continue to light my path.  To lead me towards what is good for me, what will help heal me.  I know that He could take this all away instantly, but He has a reason why my healing is a journey instead.

Lord please take this fibromyalgia away.  Heal me completely.  Your word says that a prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well.  (James 5:15)  I have faith that you can heal anything.  I have faith that you are who you say you are.  I have faith that your word is truth.  I have faith that you do what you say you will do.  If there is anything in me that is keeping me from being healed, please continue to reveal it to me.  Show me my sins, show me my failures, show me my shortfalls.  Heal my body, my mind and my heart.  Bring me closer to you.  Teach me how you want me to live.  Light my path and make it clear to me what you would have me do. 
I pray for all those who suffer with chronic illness.  I pray that they find comfort in the Lord, that they find guidance in His Word, and that they find healing in Christ. 

Move the mountain Lord!  Or lead us over it!

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